Monday, December 20, 2010

What ever happened to Respect, Responsibility and Common Sense?

I am not my father, but, in my old age things seem to bug me a lot more than they used to... or things are just getting worse!

Lets start with Driving! where has common courtesy and "defensive" driving gone. I have been cut off more times in the last week. People aren't looking over a shoulder, using a blinker, giving the right-a-way... and the talking on the phone... hell, I was almost run off the road by a guy with an ipad on his lap, and on the phone. Remember...
*USE A BLINKER, it's that thing on the left of the steering wheel
*If you talk on a phone, your eyes still work
*The guy on the right has the "right" of way
*Slow down, you will still get there
*Breaking Distance. Damn it, I drive a big van full of Comic Book, don't slip in front of me and slow
   down... I still use the "3 second rule", it works.

 I mean, really, everyone reading this... have you ever seen a dead person on the road up close? I have! Nightmares... and I mean it... Nightmares. If you haven't seen the movie "Red Asphalt", watch it. It was an early wake up call for me. Simple Common Sense, pass it on!

Next is Simple Respect. Respect...RESPECT, find out what that means to me R*E*S*P*E*C*T. Open the door for another person, don't forget your pleases and thank you's, smile, be positive. Respect is something given freely, and needs to be earned in return. I hate when I hear "he didn't respect me", cause I respond... Did you show them respect first? Life is about being Happy, and Happiness comes with respect... respect for other people, property, animals, authority, rules (not always law, but rules) and space.

Last and probably most important is "Responsibility". When did people stop take personal responsibility for themselves and what they do? I am not perfect, but, when i screw up, I say "sorry" or admit my mistakes. I am tired of life excuses, I understand the government not taking responsibility (They suck), but people have lost the ability to take responsibility for their actions, their work, their screw-ups, their life.

Sometimes I love what I do, working out of my house 5 days a week, I love the fact that I am away from the stupidity of people (and I live in Bakersfield... LOTS of Stupidity). I (and most people my age) were raised to respect others, our elders... to take responsibility when we screw up ... and some amount of common sense. I get tired sometimes. I hope I don't offend any friends, most my friends are NOT in these categories, I am talking about the people who feel they "deserve"... Work for it, Earn it, feel the self worth of of doing something for yourself.

We all have to live in this world together, by god, act like you want it to get better.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Be Thankful...

Had a talk with a friend of mine today. He was complaining about the state of things. But, hey, what do we have to complain about...We have...

It seems our government has lost its want to help people, and all it wants to do is measure penis's. So, what ever we do, we have, we need, we want and we are... depends on each of us to be and achieve.

I tried to tell my friend to be thankful for what he has. He compared himself to others, to "people with money". I stopped him. I reminded him what he has, what we all have. Look at the world in a whole. He has a roof over his head, food on the table, a car, a great wife, family, friends... I tried to explain to him, 50 to 70 percent of the world doesn't have a proper roof over their head, food, clean water. I have a shed (well built, 10 X 20 feet, insulated and made of wood) and there are people in this world who would kill (I mean, actually, Kill) for that shed to live in. We need not complain.

I am thankful for what I have, and I have a lot less than I had just 2 years ago. Money can be a frightening thing. I know I need it, I want it, but, I have a hard time getting it. So, I just don't have it. It's that simple. I DO have a lot more than a lot of people. And, a lot of people have a lot more than me. That is just how it is. Do you realize there are millions of people who are dying daily because they have no food, No water. Sleep in fields, bathe where they drink and go to the bathroom. My God! I do have it great, and so does my friend. I hope he reads this and realizes how great we do have it. Maybe our car isn't a BW, but it works. Maybe we can't afford a Wi system, but, we have a dvd player.

I just want to say, if you have extra... give (and not for a tax write off, just ... give). If you have little, you still have much more than many others. If you have nothing (here in America), you still have more than half the world.

On a lighter note, I spent last night at a bowling alley (private), with a great bunch of people. Thanks to the members of CAPS (Cartoon Art Professional Society) for a fun filled night of bowling, friends, food and fun. And my wife took her annual "Sergio" picture (he is one of her favorite people).

I am off tomorrow to Sacramento, I will be setting up at the Sac-Con show on Sunday. I have been doing this show since 1985 (and have only missed 4 since then). I look forward to visiting all my friends up there.

Unfortunately, on Sunday night, we say goodbye to a dear friend. My other son, Mikey, is moving to canada to live with the new, love of his life, Jennifer. He will be missed. A LOT! To him, I hope life in Canada is all he hopes it will be and I hope his heart overflows with love for his new lady. He deserves happiness, he is one of the best people I know.

Till I get back from my trip, Peace to all. And please feel free to comment on anything I say.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend Blitz! (I got to go to Skywalker Ranch...)

Well, just got back from another weekend of shows.

It was a good weekend. Friday, my good friend, Nate Watson, got Julie and I a tour at the Skywalker Ranch. Yes,  I said it... we entered the "Wonderful World of Lucas". What a beautiful piece of property. Knowing what Magic goes on in those beautiful buildings, around all those beautiful trees, in that beautiful landscape... And when you enter, it is like you are in a gallery... Wow! The art work on those walls... I can't post pictures (we were asked not to), but, when they invent thought transfer technology, I will show anyone who wants to,  what I saw.

Well, after Skywalker Ranch, we drove thru San Francisco to San Jose and set up at the Toy show. We were out of there by 6:30, in our hotel by 6:45 and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Saturday I got the van down to the fairgrounds by 6:30 am (to get a spot for unloading after the show), walked back to the hotel, had a nice breakfast with my wife then walked back to the show with her. I always enjoy the show, being around family and friends all day... Nate, Cousin Mikey, Mikey and all Julies family... We didn't do too much in business, but, we had fun.

Did I mention it was Julie's Birthday.

After the show we went to MexicoLindo for dinner, had a great time. More good friends and family. We left about 8:30 (and Julie and I both thought it was much later), drove to hayward to stay the night.

Sunday was busy, we had to drive to Pleasanton for a new show at the Fairgrounds. It was slow, but I did okay, for a first time show. A rather un easy incadent with a young lady having a seiger in front of my table, kind of stopped the show for awhile, but, overall it was okay.

That night we stayed in Hayward and had dinner with a few friend Julie went to High School with, Julio and Lidia and their family. Good people, good friends, great cook! We had a good time, very relaxing. A welcome change to the "normal" after show routine.

Monday we headed back home, making a side trip to Fairfield to leave a bunch of comics with my good buddy, Timmy. Got home about 6:30. And glad to be home.

Thanks to all who bought from me. I didn't make enough to pay the bills, but, it seems it is getting harder to survive this ressesion (oh, I forgot, it's over, isn't it...). But, I have a lot more than most..  A beautiful wife that still loves me, 3 great kids (yes, you too), and Amazing friends and family.  I thank you all for that.

Peace and Love to all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Madness Starts... Today!

25 days till Christmas! That's right, I said it! The countdown begins. Quick... Run... don't walk. RUN! to Target, Walmart, Sears, K-Mart etc. buy what they told you to buy. Shop till you drop. Charrrrrge It!

December is always our worst and best month of the years.

Let's start with "Best". Well we have a lot of years together, and two great kids, and we have always tried to give them a Happy Holiday season. I think we did a good job too. They weren't spoiled, they learned to enjoy the "giving" and the fact that Christmas was about family and friends... the presents thing was just a bonus. And I Love Christmas music (especially Elvis).

Now the "worst"... I make my income off other peoples "disposable" income... well that means evry December (and January), things get really tight. Everything slows down for us.

Also.... I HATE the way the "system" is telling our children how to act and to want and how to "covet" during the holiday season. We all can get up on that high horse about something, well this is one of mine (one of many you will see). I wish I could give more, but the TV tells me to feel bad because I can't. It tells me how I should be giving $400-$1000 electronics to my children, my wife, my parents. I should buy the wife a car, I should send my parents on a vacation, I should give my kids iPhones with full service... When is it okay to just give them a hug and say "thats all ya get" and it be okay. Last years (and every year) Julie and I give each other season passes to Disneyland for Christmas. I actually had a friend ask if "that was it". Well I give Julie and the kids "stuff" all year round. The kids are moved out now, but when I got I give. Why should I feel bad for not giving "at Christmas".

I Love the Christmas season, I have always felt it special, but, the last couple years (about 10 years), I have felt like I am loosing the "spirit". I feel it quickly slipping away. I need to climb into my own head and inflate that holiday season again.

I am heading off to a Toy show in a few days, and taking my lovely bride out to dinner Sat. for her Birthday (she will be 29... again), I will smile and say hi to everyone, and hopefully everyone will smile and say Hi back.

Life isn't bad, don't get me wrong, I have a great family (all of them), Amazing Friends and I get to play with Comic Books for a living. Maybe I have nothing bad to complain about. Maybe I should just shut-up and go read a comic book! Yea, maybe I should do just that... shut-up and read a comic book, or draw a picture. Yea... draw a picture. I might suck at it, but I still enjoy sucking at it.

Till next time. I have to get up early and unload about 75 boxes (at about 50 lbs each) out of my van to put about 75 different boxes (also about 75 lbs each) into my van . Yea!

Peace to All

Friday, November 26, 2010

BLACK... FRIDAY, It's All Madness

Why would anyone get up at 3:30 am to be at Target at 4:00 am, or Walmart or... J.C. Penny's? Why would those companies make their employees show up at 3:45 am? Why aren't the "suits" who set up these sales doing the work themselves?

I'll tell you why... $3.00 toasters! yes.. I said it.. $3.00 TOASTERS!

What do you expect with a $3.00 toaster, how bad does it have to be, how long can a $3.00 toaster last?

Yes, I too, have once participated it the Friday rush (back then the stores opened at 6:00 am), but I have since realized the best stuff is "crap". I once bought each of my kids the "$100.00 stereo at Target for $15.00, neither one lasted 1 year. I also once bought the (sale price) $100.00 recliner (we bought 2 of them actually) and they were both broken within 18 months.

I understand Christmas is coming up and people need to buy gifts, but, 4:00 am. My son works security at a Target (, and he had to be in and ready at 3:45 am. really. I don't know, maybe I am getting old, I just don't understand the need for the 4:00 am thing. Or $3.00 toasters.

Now, I need to go shopping! They have $3.00 Coffee makers too!

I hope all had a great Thanksgiving. I hope, since it was "Thanksgiving"you all found something to give thanks for. I found I always go to the same place as most people. My Wife, my kids (David, Amber and  Mikey), my family and friends, and the fact I am Happy with my life.

"Be careful what you wish, for wishes may come true" -Incredible Mr. Limpet, 1964

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GLORY DAZE! Funny...

Just watched the 1st issue of "Glory Daze" and the verdict... Love It! Stupid funny, 1980's, great Music and great guest stars.  Watching episode 2 now, I hope it stays as great in episode ...10. We will see.

All have a Happy Thanksgiving. Peace to All.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back from Portland, after 13 LOOONNNGGG hours of driving!

This was a good weekend!

Julie and I left Thursday about 10:00 am for Portland to go to the Portland Comic Book Show. We made a stop in Sacramento to pick up some books for Mikey, and continued onward and upward. We got to Weed (on top of the Shasta Mnts), at about 7:30 pm, and decided we had better drive on to Medford, Or. (down the mountain), since the snow was a coming.

We had a nice drive and got down to Medford about 10 (ish) stayed at a nice little hotel, and except for the cold, had a great night. Hit the road about 9:00 am, and made it to Sweet Home, Or. at 2:30 where we got to spend some time with Amber (our daughter) and her boyfriend, Cassey. We took them into Albany and saw the new "Harry Potter" movie (can't wait till the next one in June). Then a nice Mexican dinner (I like eating Mexican), dropped them off and headed to Salem for the night.

Had another good night, headed into Portland, to relax and visit family, well family had no time for us, so we went to see another movie. Saw "Skyline"... had me on the edge of my seat... where was this going , what's going to happen... but, it ended with... questions. If there is going to be a continuation... it ended well, but, if there isn't going to be another, it ended wrong. Anyway, relaxed and had Red Robin for dinner, finished my book and went to sleep early.

We got up Sunday at 4:30 (yes... am), got our asses out to the show so I could get to the top of the ramp to unload, and the 2 guys that always beat me there... didn't show.

The show was good. Mike joined us at our table and spent the day with us, and it is always good to spend time with family. Thank you people of Portland. They are good, happy, kind and friendly people. I have been doing this show for 16 years and always feel welcome. My regulars came by, my friends and fellow dealers. It was a good show. And afterward we joined Mike and Anthony at "Burgerville" for dinner, had some good laughs, then hit the road home. Made it to Eugene, Or. before stopping for the night.

The trip home was long. Julie wasn't feeling good (stomach, something she ate), had a bad ride home. I drove as best as I could, but, the hills and mountains. At Grants Pass... "BLECH!". She pretty much slept the rest of the way home will I listened to "Harry Potter" on the iPod. At Sacramento Mike gave me  a pad and Julie was able to lay down in back and slept the rest of the way home. i listend to my iPod, and got in to home by 11:00 (ish) and the sleep did Julie well, she slept the night thru and is feeling fine now.

Picked up the dogs from the border (365.00 later), got the licensed, (I got a ticket, damn "dog police"), did some grocery shopping and came home to start watching my new NCIS series 1 (I got series 1-6 on ebay still sealed for 60.00, and it was waiting for me when I got home). But... for some reason, it doesn't work on my office dvd player. Works fine in the living room, just no in there... Damn!
Well I am going to go draw a picture and watch "Kung-Fu".

Love and Peace to All!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BAKERSFIELD COMIC-CON Is Over... and was Lots of FUN!

5:00 am I got to the Doubletree Hotel, I had to get my stuff set up before the exhibitors show up. The room was missing tables, there were some problems.. we got them fixed. The night crew, well... needs to have their hand slapped, but the day crew was great. I got my stuff in, set up my racks (mostly thanks to my beautiful and hard working wife, Julie). At 7:15 we were ready for the dealers.

Set up was easy, after 30 years of putting on shows and 32 years of working them, I know a thing or 2.

There are always a few bumps, you just hold on till you get over them.

I was really worried at 9:30 when there was only 5 people in line, and at 9:50 when there was just 20. But, at 10, I went out to tell them to start letting people in, and there was about 100 people. I guess when you say "10:00 am start". They listen. Thank you very much.

The total attendance for the show was just over 400 (I am very happy with that). The dealers seem to do okay, a few didn't do as good as last year, but, the economy isn't doing that good, so everyone seemed to understand (there were bodies in the room, they just didn't have as much to spend).

Thanks to my lovely cashiers (Marlana (sorry Mar, I know I spelled that wrong) and Kali), for pushing our raffle, we raised 689.00 for charity. My goal was 500.00, but now I am going to have to go for 750.00 next year. I actually donate 90% of the prizes, but thats okay, I will start a big push a month early, and see what I can get (be ready my famous friends).

The show ended around 4:00 pm, and after we packed, we had a great dinner at "Famous Dave's B-B-Q" (too bad they no longer have the "Ribzilla", I was looking forward to that). But we had a great time, stayed and talked for a few hours (I haven't gotten to talk to Brent Anderson, socially, in years... it was cool!).

Thank you to my Staff and family for helping, the fans and friens of the show in Bakersfield, the staff of the doubletree, the loyal venders who support the show, and to God... for everything else.

It was a Good day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

2 days to go!

Well, for those followers who read my last rant about the bank, they got off their ass and did the right thing. I got my money, paid the Hotel for the room, and now Bakersfield Comic Con will be.

Actually, my friend Dan Houck said (without me asking, he volunteered), he would front me the 3,000.00 if the bank stayed... well, stupid.

Anyway, maybe I will actually sleep tonight. Nah! I will start having the "no one shows up to the show" dreams.

Went to CAPS (Cartoon Art Professional Society) last night with Scott Shaw!, had fun, a god meeting, maybe something got done too.

Sergio Aragones had a few copies of his new book, fresh from the printer. I HIGHLY recommend this book to Everyone. It is from the mad magazine hard back artist series, it's only 30.00, but page by page, one of the funniest book you will own. I got a copy (had it signed to my wife... she loves him).

I also got 2 great fantasy art bookd by Bill Stout. Man I love his art. One has some great "Wizard of Oz" pieces.  Cool.

I am in a better mood today, all is happy in the world. I will let you know how Bakersfield Comic Con winds up. Peace to All.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If it Isn't one thing...

I am realizing why I haven't been able to get rid of this cough I have had for over 2 months... Stress!

Take today. I deposited a 3000.00 check in the bank yesterday, knowing it would take a day to clear. Well, they said it would be Friday. Well, I have a convention to run this weekend, and the money was for the show. i have to pay the room (2000.00) and then I need "change" for the show. Okay, I can deal with Friday, the doubletree said they can wait an extra day, I still have time to get the change, okay, I can deal with this.

Well today I get a call from the bank (a first), they said they would try to get the check cleared earlier, but, now they are saying it could take another 7 days... They actually told me, due to "inactivity" they are going to hold it till the 19th. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

I really got mad, but didn't yell. I kept my cool, explained that I have a show depending on this money, they told me "Friday" and I NEED it by Friday. There will be dealers traveling from all over California, Fans coming from all over... and I Can't "Not" get this money. Not getting this money is NOT an option.
If they told me it was going to take an extra week, I would have said thanks but no thanks and walked away, and paid a fee at Wells Fargo, and cashed it at the issuing bank... No big deal. But, now it's too late, I can't get the check back. I feel... Fucked.

How can they take the check, tell me one thing then... change their mind. There a fucking bank, call the issuing bank (they said they can't do that), verify funds... how hard can this be. This is from Heritage for gods sake. On the front of their web page they say they have made over 600 million this year alone. And the check was only for 3000.00.

Sometimes I really HATE the "system", what ever system it be.  The uncaring, emotionless, non human ... system. It doesn't work. It needs help. But, who can help it? Why does my life, our life, always seem to find the snag in life.

I think, if it weren't for my Julie, I would have already packed it in, shut it down and run away. Sometimes... I just get tired. I am tired.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bakersfield Comic-Con Nov. 14th... just around the corner.

It's weird, there is just 5 days to go, I should be frantic... but I'm not. I have done this SOOOOO many times, it really isn't as stress full as it seems it should be.

*Change                                Done
*Hand stamp                         Got it
*Promo stuff                          In the Van
*Raffle Items                         Set
*Everything else....                Done.

Help me if I'm forgetting anything.

I love doing this "convention" thing. I really do. I love meeting the people, the fans, the artists, the dealers. I love giving things away. I am going to bring a case (yes a factory sealed case) of a 1971 Charlton "Popeye" comic, and give it to the 1st 300 people who show up... you know why... because I can.

I just wish I could sit down and draw for kids more. I really enjoy that. I hated missing the 2nd day of APE, since that is all I get to do there.. draw for people, and I don't charge for anyone to get a drawing.

Speaking of drawing... The new "Heroes Initiative" 100 covers book is "The new Avengers" and I got one for me and Nate (Watson) to do, he penciled  a great double spread cover , and I think I did a great job inking it. The book comes out in a few months, look for it. I'll even sign it for free (lol).

Hey, it is 5:30 (ish), and it is time to start making my wife dinner.

Peace to all and don't miss "One Life to Live", Jon Wesley Shipp (the Flash), is back on for a few months (started yesterday), playing a really bad guy, Even beat up his own kid... mean mean mean. He plays a great Bad guy. Go John!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Conan starts in just 15 minutes

Yes, Conan O'Brian starts in just 15 minutes. Move over Jay Leno, I never liked you anyway. I hope it's as good as it use to be.

Good Monday to us all

Well this day starts another week! Do we contemplate War overseas, Volcanos in Indonesia, our selfish and petty government, homelessness,hunger, the fact thats there is only 47 days left till Christmas... or that my daughter needs ANOTHER 15.00 deposited into her bank account!

I just hope she getting an "education", not hanging out.

Another great cooking tip... RANCH DRESSING!
Yes, Ranch is great to ad as a spice. Try it in your Spaghetti Sauce, Alfredo, Enchilada sauce... the possibilities are endless!

I need to get out today and get Amber a few dollars (need to find that tree to pluck it from first), find and hang the banners for the Bakersfield Comic-Con (Hope to see a lot of you there). Then I will come back and do... something, I'm sure.

Again, say a prayer for this world, enjoy what you have, share freely, respect everyone (respect is given freely, and earned in return), and enjoy your Monday. More cooking tips coming later, maybe a few full proof "simple meals".

Sunday, November 7, 2010

1 less jobless!

Hey and a quick shout out to my brother Buddy (Paul), after 14 months unemployed, he has found a job, good pay and a promising future. I wish him the best, and it has nothing to do with the republicans! He did it himself. Go Bro!

The Con season has begun... and I hope it gets better.

Well, they say the convention season starts in Feb. but that's not true. It just never ends (and with Wizard trying 18 shows in the next year, which most are going to fail), There really is no start or stop. I a on the West Coast, and here, there has been a small break since Comic-Con. Last week we had Long Beach, and this week (yesterday) was a small show in Oceanside.

Unfortunately, we aren't starting out very strong. Last years Long Beach show was a good 1st show, not great, but good. It was good enough to try it again. Table prices weren't too high, sales were okay, and I had fun. This year... was different. The tables prices were 200 more than last year, they over expanded. doubling the floor space and the artist ally areas. Guys... get running first. don't make the rookie mistake of expanding too quick, it has killed more shows than it has helped. Everything doubled... except the attendance (and money spent in the room). The people putting on the show are some of the better people who worked for wizard, so, don't make wizard mistakes. 1600 dollars in expenses, and 2000 in gross sales, I am not sure I can afford to go back.

Now Lloyd and his partner, the ones who put on the Oceanside show. More power to ya. You tried, and it seemed to succeed. Maybe you didn't make money, I am not sure, but the effort was there. Bob Layton and Whilce, among a few other Wildstorm artists. Good try, I will be back for a second show. 200 dollars in expenses, and 800 dollars in gross sales, I was pleased, and I will help all I can.

Now to start concentrating on my Bakersfield show this coming up weekend, wish us luck, and to anyone coming, lets have some fun.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Comics, Government and My World!

Well Hello and welcome to the 1st installment of the "WyattMadness""blog".

I don't know what I am going to say, what ever I am thinking. If I offend, excuse me... I think.

I do want to take this chance to say how disappointed I am in the world of these past elections. Isn't our government supposed to be there for us, not for "their party". Do what you want, I guess it really is every American for themselves. I could go on for paragraphs, but those who know me understand, those who don't ... I hope you do understand.

I am heading off to the 1st Oceanside comic show. I hope it is better than the long beach show. That wasn't good for any one (so I hear). I did half of last year, and the expenses were higher.

Need to get through this show, get home and start working on "Bakersfield Comic Con" on November 14th. Now THIS will be a great show... I am putting it on, ya know.

May life treat everyone as best as everyone treats life!

Stay happy!