Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unions Dont Work for the Little Guy

Unions had their place in this world... but not anymore! I get so frustrated with "Union Labor" rules. So Damn FRUSTRATED!

I want to show a few films at our Convention... I have to use union labor to put up the screen. okay, I can (almost) understand that. But, to plug in a DVD player... really. What fucks! Sorry sir, only our hands can touch that... Bullshit! What if I hire a guy to do that, then they would be putting "my" guy out of work.

Okay, now for the union "shit" part... we are going to be showing 3 movies and 2 slide show. so I have to have a union employee stand there for 8 hours to push play 3 times. Fuck them. I have to pay $30 dollars an hour for something I can train a monkey to do. I understand "skilled labor" but, I have watched some of these guys work. Trained monkey!

The worst part... there is nothing I can do about it.. NOTHING.

Please mister Wyatt, if you want to make your show better.. you need to bend over and take this telephone pole up your ass, and thank you for doing so. Oh, and we forgot the lubricant.

I have lots of dealing with union strong arm in the past, I was once told I had to pay 6000 to move 3 pallets 100 feet. Fuck that, I told them I would pay it if he gave the fork lift driver all the money, since he was doing all the work.

A bunch of Crooks and Thieves. You can quote me on that.

I am being FUCKED by "union labor" and there is nothing I can do about it. Fucked, Fucked.... FUCKED!

Fuckin, son-of-a-Bithch Cunts!

Sorry, I had to vent! Have a good day!

PS(I don't "dis-like" union employees, just unions themselves)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gay Should Never get Married! read on...

That's right, I said it...  Gays should never get married, Blacks should sit in the back of the bus and have their own drinking faucet... The Indians need to stay on the reservation... The Japanese concentration camps were necessary ... There I said it.

And Civil rights should never have happened. Why should women have the vote, really, why?

Okay, now you know how I really feel. How ridiculous this sounds. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday , whom I won't mention to protect his stupidity, who brought up the the gay marriage thing (as he called it). I told him how silly it was, but he was all for the ban on it. And try to tell me why he thought "they" shouldn't marry, and the sanctity of marriage is that of a "man and woman", and even quoted the "teaching the kids that its okay in school" stuff.

But what about basic equal rights?, I asked him... he said, that was different.

... Different? DIFFERENT! What's the differents between that and anything else I mentioned above.

The mormon church spent a hell of a lot of money scaring people into thinking like him, a Hell of a Lot of Money! This, as far as I am concerned, is not an issue for the "church" to decide. It is a matter of "state".
Marriage, I am a big fan of it, I have been Very Happily married for almost 21 years now, and I mean very happy.

Now I think the argument "well, why can't I marry my dog, then" is pretty stupid. But, I think that piece of paper is pretty important sometimes. Actually, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am getting so sick of the indifference and prejudice in this country (and world). I know this is an old conversation, but, when are we going to grow up.

If anyone reading this is is gay, and wants to get married... I am ordained and would gladly perform the wedding (even if your not gay... I can do it).

Notice I didn't throw God into this... (wait, I am doing this now), I don't think he would mind people being happy, and a good Christian doesn't have to like it, but, a proper Christian should have a "that's your thing" attitude.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He Came Thru For me ... Again!

Well, I don't usually talk Religion, but, for those who don't know... I believe.

I grew up going to church, as did almost everyone I know, some kept their faith, some lost it... and some went.. how do I say this nice... a little too overboard for even my taste. I am and have always been a "more power to ya" kind of person for whatever you choose to believe.

Now, getting to why I am writing this...

Last week, my computer took a nose dive into the realm of "fried city". I uploaded a windows update (doing exactly what I was supposed to do), and it restarted itself... then... FRIED! I took it in to be checked and the technician showed me the reason why, a recall on a specific chip I had, and I never got the recall. F*#$&n HP and Best Buy.

Well I make all my "Internet" sales with that computer (Ebay and Turbo Lister aren't "Mac" compatible yet), and my Printer and scanned don't have an available "driver" so unless I buy all that new, I need my PC. Well the tech told me for 150.00 in labor, 450.00 for a new motherboard and 150 to 200 for transferring both hard drives, he could fix it (750 to 800 dollars, and it's still an old computer), or for 1200, they could build me a new one, transfer everything, and have a 5 year (yes 5 years, since they are the manufacturer) warrantee.

Well, "have a nice day" to me. Where am I going to get 1200.00, let alone 800 to fix the old one. I talked... he listened.

I did a show this weekend, very low expenses, and had a lot of fun. Terry O'Neals "Yorba linda" show. well, I brought magazines instead of my normal stock... didn't know how I would do, didn't expect much. Thing is, everyone has the same comics as me at that show, I wanted to try something different. Well, the show went well. I was able to make almost EXACTLY enough to cover my expenses and get 1200.00. Not any extra, I can do that later. But, exactly what I needed to make it. I can't make money without that computer.

Here is what I am getting at. Over the past 20+ years, I can't count how many times we were on the verge of dispair, and ... POW! ... I would have a show go better than normal, I would get a call asking if I still have something, Someone would call and ask for a hand full of framing... or a tax check comes in.. or a rebate we forgot about. But, what I'm getting at is this. Thank You GOD! You have always come thru for me, and I try to return the favor (Karma) as best I can in how I live my life.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I couldn't do this without you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What ever happened to Respect, Responsibility and Common Sense?

I am not my father, but, in my old age things seem to bug me a lot more than they used to... or things are just getting worse!

Lets start with Driving! where has common courtesy and "defensive" driving gone. I have been cut off more times in the last week. People aren't looking over a shoulder, using a blinker, giving the right-a-way... and the talking on the phone... hell, I was almost run off the road by a guy with an ipad on his lap, and on the phone. Remember...
*USE A BLINKER, it's that thing on the left of the steering wheel
*If you talk on a phone, your eyes still work
*The guy on the right has the "right" of way
*Slow down, you will still get there
*Breaking Distance. Damn it, I drive a big van full of Comic Book, don't slip in front of me and slow
   down... I still use the "3 second rule", it works.

 I mean, really, everyone reading this... have you ever seen a dead person on the road up close? I have! Nightmares... and I mean it... Nightmares. If you haven't seen the movie "Red Asphalt", watch it. It was an early wake up call for me. Simple Common Sense, pass it on!

Next is Simple Respect. Respect...RESPECT, find out what that means to me R*E*S*P*E*C*T. Open the door for another person, don't forget your pleases and thank you's, smile, be positive. Respect is something given freely, and needs to be earned in return. I hate when I hear "he didn't respect me", cause I respond... Did you show them respect first? Life is about being Happy, and Happiness comes with respect... respect for other people, property, animals, authority, rules (not always law, but rules) and space.

Last and probably most important is "Responsibility". When did people stop take personal responsibility for themselves and what they do? I am not perfect, but, when i screw up, I say "sorry" or admit my mistakes. I am tired of life excuses, I understand the government not taking responsibility (They suck), but people have lost the ability to take responsibility for their actions, their work, their screw-ups, their life.

Sometimes I love what I do, working out of my house 5 days a week, I love the fact that I am away from the stupidity of people (and I live in Bakersfield... LOTS of Stupidity). I (and most people my age) were raised to respect others, our elders... to take responsibility when we screw up ... and some amount of common sense. I get tired sometimes. I hope I don't offend any friends, most my friends are NOT in these categories, I am talking about the people who feel they "deserve"... Work for it, Earn it, feel the self worth of of doing something for yourself.

We all have to live in this world together, by god, act like you want it to get better.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Be Thankful...

Had a talk with a friend of mine today. He was complaining about the state of things. But, hey, what do we have to complain about...We have...

It seems our government has lost its want to help people, and all it wants to do is measure penis's. So, what ever we do, we have, we need, we want and we are... depends on each of us to be and achieve.

I tried to tell my friend to be thankful for what he has. He compared himself to others, to "people with money". I stopped him. I reminded him what he has, what we all have. Look at the world in a whole. He has a roof over his head, food on the table, a car, a great wife, family, friends... I tried to explain to him, 50 to 70 percent of the world doesn't have a proper roof over their head, food, clean water. I have a shed (well built, 10 X 20 feet, insulated and made of wood) and there are people in this world who would kill (I mean, actually, Kill) for that shed to live in. We need not complain.

I am thankful for what I have, and I have a lot less than I had just 2 years ago. Money can be a frightening thing. I know I need it, I want it, but, I have a hard time getting it. So, I just don't have it. It's that simple. I DO have a lot more than a lot of people. And, a lot of people have a lot more than me. That is just how it is. Do you realize there are millions of people who are dying daily because they have no food, No water. Sleep in fields, bathe where they drink and go to the bathroom. My God! I do have it great, and so does my friend. I hope he reads this and realizes how great we do have it. Maybe our car isn't a BW, but it works. Maybe we can't afford a Wi system, but, we have a dvd player.

I just want to say, if you have extra... give (and not for a tax write off, just ... give). If you have little, you still have much more than many others. If you have nothing (here in America), you still have more than half the world.

On a lighter note, I spent last night at a bowling alley (private), with a great bunch of people. Thanks to the members of CAPS (Cartoon Art Professional Society) for a fun filled night of bowling, friends, food and fun. And my wife took her annual "Sergio" picture (he is one of her favorite people).

I am off tomorrow to Sacramento, I will be setting up at the Sac-Con show on Sunday. I have been doing this show since 1985 (and have only missed 4 since then). I look forward to visiting all my friends up there.

Unfortunately, on Sunday night, we say goodbye to a dear friend. My other son, Mikey, is moving to canada to live with the new, love of his life, Jennifer. He will be missed. A LOT! To him, I hope life in Canada is all he hopes it will be and I hope his heart overflows with love for his new lady. He deserves happiness, he is one of the best people I know.

Till I get back from my trip, Peace to all. And please feel free to comment on anything I say.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend Blitz! (I got to go to Skywalker Ranch...)

Well, just got back from another weekend of shows.

It was a good weekend. Friday, my good friend, Nate Watson, got Julie and I a tour at the Skywalker Ranch. Yes,  I said it... we entered the "Wonderful World of Lucas". What a beautiful piece of property. Knowing what Magic goes on in those beautiful buildings, around all those beautiful trees, in that beautiful landscape... And when you enter, it is like you are in a gallery... Wow! The art work on those walls... I can't post pictures (we were asked not to), but, when they invent thought transfer technology, I will show anyone who wants to,  what I saw.

Well, after Skywalker Ranch, we drove thru San Francisco to San Jose and set up at the Toy show. We were out of there by 6:30, in our hotel by 6:45 and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Saturday I got the van down to the fairgrounds by 6:30 am (to get a spot for unloading after the show), walked back to the hotel, had a nice breakfast with my wife then walked back to the show with her. I always enjoy the show, being around family and friends all day... Nate, Cousin Mikey, Mikey and all Julies family... We didn't do too much in business, but, we had fun.

Did I mention it was Julie's Birthday.

After the show we went to MexicoLindo for dinner, had a great time. More good friends and family. We left about 8:30 (and Julie and I both thought it was much later), drove to hayward to stay the night.

Sunday was busy, we had to drive to Pleasanton for a new show at the Fairgrounds. It was slow, but I did okay, for a first time show. A rather un easy incadent with a young lady having a seiger in front of my table, kind of stopped the show for awhile, but, overall it was okay.

That night we stayed in Hayward and had dinner with a few friend Julie went to High School with, Julio and Lidia and their family. Good people, good friends, great cook! We had a good time, very relaxing. A welcome change to the "normal" after show routine.

Monday we headed back home, making a side trip to Fairfield to leave a bunch of comics with my good buddy, Timmy. Got home about 6:30. And glad to be home.

Thanks to all who bought from me. I didn't make enough to pay the bills, but, it seems it is getting harder to survive this ressesion (oh, I forgot, it's over, isn't it...). But, I have a lot more than most..  A beautiful wife that still loves me, 3 great kids (yes, you too), and Amazing friends and family.  I thank you all for that.

Peace and Love to all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Madness Starts... Today!

25 days till Christmas! That's right, I said it! The countdown begins. Quick... Run... don't walk. RUN! to Target, Walmart, Sears, K-Mart etc. buy what they told you to buy. Shop till you drop. Charrrrrge It!

December is always our worst and best month of the years.

Let's start with "Best". Well we have a lot of years together, and two great kids, and we have always tried to give them a Happy Holiday season. I think we did a good job too. They weren't spoiled, they learned to enjoy the "giving" and the fact that Christmas was about family and friends... the presents thing was just a bonus. And I Love Christmas music (especially Elvis).

Now the "worst"... I make my income off other peoples "disposable" income... well that means evry December (and January), things get really tight. Everything slows down for us.

Also.... I HATE the way the "system" is telling our children how to act and to want and how to "covet" during the holiday season. We all can get up on that high horse about something, well this is one of mine (one of many you will see). I wish I could give more, but the TV tells me to feel bad because I can't. It tells me how I should be giving $400-$1000 electronics to my children, my wife, my parents. I should buy the wife a car, I should send my parents on a vacation, I should give my kids iPhones with full service... When is it okay to just give them a hug and say "thats all ya get" and it be okay. Last years (and every year) Julie and I give each other season passes to Disneyland for Christmas. I actually had a friend ask if "that was it". Well I give Julie and the kids "stuff" all year round. The kids are moved out now, but when I got I give. Why should I feel bad for not giving "at Christmas".

I Love the Christmas season, I have always felt it special, but, the last couple years (about 10 years), I have felt like I am loosing the "spirit". I feel it quickly slipping away. I need to climb into my own head and inflate that holiday season again.

I am heading off to a Toy show in a few days, and taking my lovely bride out to dinner Sat. for her Birthday (she will be 29... again), I will smile and say hi to everyone, and hopefully everyone will smile and say Hi back.

Life isn't bad, don't get me wrong, I have a great family (all of them), Amazing Friends and I get to play with Comic Books for a living. Maybe I have nothing bad to complain about. Maybe I should just shut-up and go read a comic book! Yea, maybe I should do just that... shut-up and read a comic book, or draw a picture. Yea... draw a picture. I might suck at it, but I still enjoy sucking at it.

Till next time. I have to get up early and unload about 75 boxes (at about 50 lbs each) out of my van to put about 75 different boxes (also about 75 lbs each) into my van . Yea!

Peace to All