Friday, December 10, 2010

Be Thankful...

Had a talk with a friend of mine today. He was complaining about the state of things. But, hey, what do we have to complain about...We have...

It seems our government has lost its want to help people, and all it wants to do is measure penis's. So, what ever we do, we have, we need, we want and we are... depends on each of us to be and achieve.

I tried to tell my friend to be thankful for what he has. He compared himself to others, to "people with money". I stopped him. I reminded him what he has, what we all have. Look at the world in a whole. He has a roof over his head, food on the table, a car, a great wife, family, friends... I tried to explain to him, 50 to 70 percent of the world doesn't have a proper roof over their head, food, clean water. I have a shed (well built, 10 X 20 feet, insulated and made of wood) and there are people in this world who would kill (I mean, actually, Kill) for that shed to live in. We need not complain.

I am thankful for what I have, and I have a lot less than I had just 2 years ago. Money can be a frightening thing. I know I need it, I want it, but, I have a hard time getting it. So, I just don't have it. It's that simple. I DO have a lot more than a lot of people. And, a lot of people have a lot more than me. That is just how it is. Do you realize there are millions of people who are dying daily because they have no food, No water. Sleep in fields, bathe where they drink and go to the bathroom. My God! I do have it great, and so does my friend. I hope he reads this and realizes how great we do have it. Maybe our car isn't a BW, but it works. Maybe we can't afford a Wi system, but, we have a dvd player.

I just want to say, if you have extra... give (and not for a tax write off, just ... give). If you have little, you still have much more than many others. If you have nothing (here in America), you still have more than half the world.

On a lighter note, I spent last night at a bowling alley (private), with a great bunch of people. Thanks to the members of CAPS (Cartoon Art Professional Society) for a fun filled night of bowling, friends, food and fun. And my wife took her annual "Sergio" picture (he is one of her favorite people).

I am off tomorrow to Sacramento, I will be setting up at the Sac-Con show on Sunday. I have been doing this show since 1985 (and have only missed 4 since then). I look forward to visiting all my friends up there.

Unfortunately, on Sunday night, we say goodbye to a dear friend. My other son, Mikey, is moving to canada to live with the new, love of his life, Jennifer. He will be missed. A LOT! To him, I hope life in Canada is all he hopes it will be and I hope his heart overflows with love for his new lady. He deserves happiness, he is one of the best people I know.

Till I get back from my trip, Peace to all. And please feel free to comment on anything I say.

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