Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Madness Starts... Today!

25 days till Christmas! That's right, I said it! The countdown begins. Quick... Run... don't walk. RUN! to Target, Walmart, Sears, K-Mart etc. buy what they told you to buy. Shop till you drop. Charrrrrge It!

December is always our worst and best month of the years.

Let's start with "Best". Well we have a lot of years together, and two great kids, and we have always tried to give them a Happy Holiday season. I think we did a good job too. They weren't spoiled, they learned to enjoy the "giving" and the fact that Christmas was about family and friends... the presents thing was just a bonus. And I Love Christmas music (especially Elvis).

Now the "worst"... I make my income off other peoples "disposable" income... well that means evry December (and January), things get really tight. Everything slows down for us.

Also.... I HATE the way the "system" is telling our children how to act and to want and how to "covet" during the holiday season. We all can get up on that high horse about something, well this is one of mine (one of many you will see). I wish I could give more, but the TV tells me to feel bad because I can't. It tells me how I should be giving $400-$1000 electronics to my children, my wife, my parents. I should buy the wife a car, I should send my parents on a vacation, I should give my kids iPhones with full service... When is it okay to just give them a hug and say "thats all ya get" and it be okay. Last years (and every year) Julie and I give each other season passes to Disneyland for Christmas. I actually had a friend ask if "that was it". Well I give Julie and the kids "stuff" all year round. The kids are moved out now, but when I got I give. Why should I feel bad for not giving "at Christmas".

I Love the Christmas season, I have always felt it special, but, the last couple years (about 10 years), I have felt like I am loosing the "spirit". I feel it quickly slipping away. I need to climb into my own head and inflate that holiday season again.

I am heading off to a Toy show in a few days, and taking my lovely bride out to dinner Sat. for her Birthday (she will be 29... again), I will smile and say hi to everyone, and hopefully everyone will smile and say Hi back.

Life isn't bad, don't get me wrong, I have a great family (all of them), Amazing Friends and I get to play with Comic Books for a living. Maybe I have nothing bad to complain about. Maybe I should just shut-up and go read a comic book! Yea, maybe I should do just that... shut-up and read a comic book, or draw a picture. Yea... draw a picture. I might suck at it, but I still enjoy sucking at it.

Till next time. I have to get up early and unload about 75 boxes (at about 50 lbs each) out of my van to put about 75 different boxes (also about 75 lbs each) into my van . Yea!

Peace to All

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