Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend Blitz! (I got to go to Skywalker Ranch...)

Well, just got back from another weekend of shows.

It was a good weekend. Friday, my good friend, Nate Watson, got Julie and I a tour at the Skywalker Ranch. Yes,  I said it... we entered the "Wonderful World of Lucas". What a beautiful piece of property. Knowing what Magic goes on in those beautiful buildings, around all those beautiful trees, in that beautiful landscape... And when you enter, it is like you are in a gallery... Wow! The art work on those walls... I can't post pictures (we were asked not to), but, when they invent thought transfer technology, I will show anyone who wants to,  what I saw.

Well, after Skywalker Ranch, we drove thru San Francisco to San Jose and set up at the Toy show. We were out of there by 6:30, in our hotel by 6:45 and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Saturday I got the van down to the fairgrounds by 6:30 am (to get a spot for unloading after the show), walked back to the hotel, had a nice breakfast with my wife then walked back to the show with her. I always enjoy the show, being around family and friends all day... Nate, Cousin Mikey, Mikey and all Julies family... We didn't do too much in business, but, we had fun.

Did I mention it was Julie's Birthday.

After the show we went to MexicoLindo for dinner, had a great time. More good friends and family. We left about 8:30 (and Julie and I both thought it was much later), drove to hayward to stay the night.

Sunday was busy, we had to drive to Pleasanton for a new show at the Fairgrounds. It was slow, but I did okay, for a first time show. A rather un easy incadent with a young lady having a seiger in front of my table, kind of stopped the show for awhile, but, overall it was okay.

That night we stayed in Hayward and had dinner with a few friend Julie went to High School with, Julio and Lidia and their family. Good people, good friends, great cook! We had a good time, very relaxing. A welcome change to the "normal" after show routine.

Monday we headed back home, making a side trip to Fairfield to leave a bunch of comics with my good buddy, Timmy. Got home about 6:30. And glad to be home.

Thanks to all who bought from me. I didn't make enough to pay the bills, but, it seems it is getting harder to survive this ressesion (oh, I forgot, it's over, isn't it...). But, I have a lot more than most..  A beautiful wife that still loves me, 3 great kids (yes, you too), and Amazing friends and family.  I thank you all for that.

Peace and Love to all!

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