Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unions Dont Work for the Little Guy

Unions had their place in this world... but not anymore! I get so frustrated with "Union Labor" rules. So Damn FRUSTRATED!

I want to show a few films at our Convention... I have to use union labor to put up the screen. okay, I can (almost) understand that. But, to plug in a DVD player... really. What fucks! Sorry sir, only our hands can touch that... Bullshit! What if I hire a guy to do that, then they would be putting "my" guy out of work.

Okay, now for the union "shit" part... we are going to be showing 3 movies and 2 slide show. so I have to have a union employee stand there for 8 hours to push play 3 times. Fuck them. I have to pay $30 dollars an hour for something I can train a monkey to do. I understand "skilled labor" but, I have watched some of these guys work. Trained monkey!

The worst part... there is nothing I can do about it.. NOTHING.

Please mister Wyatt, if you want to make your show better.. you need to bend over and take this telephone pole up your ass, and thank you for doing so. Oh, and we forgot the lubricant.

I have lots of dealing with union strong arm in the past, I was once told I had to pay 6000 to move 3 pallets 100 feet. Fuck that, I told them I would pay it if he gave the fork lift driver all the money, since he was doing all the work.

A bunch of Crooks and Thieves. You can quote me on that.

I am being FUCKED by "union labor" and there is nothing I can do about it. Fucked, Fucked.... FUCKED!

Fuckin, son-of-a-Bithch Cunts!

Sorry, I had to vent! Have a good day!

PS(I don't "dis-like" union employees, just unions themselves)

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