Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gay Should Never get Married! read on...

That's right, I said it...  Gays should never get married, Blacks should sit in the back of the bus and have their own drinking faucet... The Indians need to stay on the reservation... The Japanese concentration camps were necessary ... There I said it.

And Civil rights should never have happened. Why should women have the vote, really, why?

Okay, now you know how I really feel. How ridiculous this sounds. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday , whom I won't mention to protect his stupidity, who brought up the the gay marriage thing (as he called it). I told him how silly it was, but he was all for the ban on it. And try to tell me why he thought "they" shouldn't marry, and the sanctity of marriage is that of a "man and woman", and even quoted the "teaching the kids that its okay in school" stuff.

But what about basic equal rights?, I asked him... he said, that was different.

... Different? DIFFERENT! What's the differents between that and anything else I mentioned above.

The mormon church spent a hell of a lot of money scaring people into thinking like him, a Hell of a Lot of Money! This, as far as I am concerned, is not an issue for the "church" to decide. It is a matter of "state".
Marriage, I am a big fan of it, I have been Very Happily married for almost 21 years now, and I mean very happy.

Now I think the argument "well, why can't I marry my dog, then" is pretty stupid. But, I think that piece of paper is pretty important sometimes. Actually, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am getting so sick of the indifference and prejudice in this country (and world). I know this is an old conversation, but, when are we going to grow up.

If anyone reading this is is gay, and wants to get married... I am ordained and would gladly perform the wedding (even if your not gay... I can do it).

Notice I didn't throw God into this... (wait, I am doing this now), I don't think he would mind people being happy, and a good Christian doesn't have to like it, but, a proper Christian should have a "that's your thing" attitude.

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