Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back from Portland, after 13 LOOONNNGGG hours of driving!

This was a good weekend!

Julie and I left Thursday about 10:00 am for Portland to go to the Portland Comic Book Show. We made a stop in Sacramento to pick up some books for Mikey, and continued onward and upward. We got to Weed (on top of the Shasta Mnts), at about 7:30 pm, and decided we had better drive on to Medford, Or. (down the mountain), since the snow was a coming.

We had a nice drive and got down to Medford about 10 (ish) stayed at a nice little hotel, and except for the cold, had a great night. Hit the road about 9:00 am, and made it to Sweet Home, Or. at 2:30 where we got to spend some time with Amber (our daughter) and her boyfriend, Cassey. We took them into Albany and saw the new "Harry Potter" movie (can't wait till the next one in June). Then a nice Mexican dinner (I like eating Mexican), dropped them off and headed to Salem for the night.

Had another good night, headed into Portland, to relax and visit family, well family had no time for us, so we went to see another movie. Saw "Skyline"... had me on the edge of my seat... where was this going , what's going to happen... but, it ended with... questions. If there is going to be a continuation... it ended well, but, if there isn't going to be another, it ended wrong. Anyway, relaxed and had Red Robin for dinner, finished my book and went to sleep early.

We got up Sunday at 4:30 (yes... am), got our asses out to the show so I could get to the top of the ramp to unload, and the 2 guys that always beat me there... didn't show.

The show was good. Mike joined us at our table and spent the day with us, and it is always good to spend time with family. Thank you people of Portland. They are good, happy, kind and friendly people. I have been doing this show for 16 years and always feel welcome. My regulars came by, my friends and fellow dealers. It was a good show. And afterward we joined Mike and Anthony at "Burgerville" for dinner, had some good laughs, then hit the road home. Made it to Eugene, Or. before stopping for the night.

The trip home was long. Julie wasn't feeling good (stomach, something she ate), had a bad ride home. I drove as best as I could, but, the hills and mountains. At Grants Pass... "BLECH!". She pretty much slept the rest of the way home will I listened to "Harry Potter" on the iPod. At Sacramento Mike gave me  a pad and Julie was able to lay down in back and slept the rest of the way home. i listend to my iPod, and got in to home by 11:00 (ish) and the sleep did Julie well, she slept the night thru and is feeling fine now.

Picked up the dogs from the border (365.00 later), got the licensed, (I got a ticket, damn "dog police"), did some grocery shopping and came home to start watching my new NCIS series 1 (I got series 1-6 on ebay still sealed for 60.00, and it was waiting for me when I got home). But... for some reason, it doesn't work on my office dvd player. Works fine in the living room, just no in there... Damn!
Well I am going to go draw a picture and watch "Kung-Fu".

Love and Peace to All!

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