Monday, November 8, 2010

Good Monday to us all

Well this day starts another week! Do we contemplate War overseas, Volcanos in Indonesia, our selfish and petty government, homelessness,hunger, the fact thats there is only 47 days left till Christmas... or that my daughter needs ANOTHER 15.00 deposited into her bank account!

I just hope she getting an "education", not hanging out.

Another great cooking tip... RANCH DRESSING!
Yes, Ranch is great to ad as a spice. Try it in your Spaghetti Sauce, Alfredo, Enchilada sauce... the possibilities are endless!

I need to get out today and get Amber a few dollars (need to find that tree to pluck it from first), find and hang the banners for the Bakersfield Comic-Con (Hope to see a lot of you there). Then I will come back and do... something, I'm sure.

Again, say a prayer for this world, enjoy what you have, share freely, respect everyone (respect is given freely, and earned in return), and enjoy your Monday. More cooking tips coming later, maybe a few full proof "simple meals".

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