Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BAKERSFIELD COMIC-CON Is Over... and was Lots of FUN!

5:00 am I got to the Doubletree Hotel, I had to get my stuff set up before the exhibitors show up. The room was missing tables, there were some problems.. we got them fixed. The night crew, well... needs to have their hand slapped, but the day crew was great. I got my stuff in, set up my racks (mostly thanks to my beautiful and hard working wife, Julie). At 7:15 we were ready for the dealers.

Set up was easy, after 30 years of putting on shows and 32 years of working them, I know a thing or 2.

There are always a few bumps, you just hold on till you get over them.

I was really worried at 9:30 when there was only 5 people in line, and at 9:50 when there was just 20. But, at 10, I went out to tell them to start letting people in, and there was about 100 people. I guess when you say "10:00 am start". They listen. Thank you very much.

The total attendance for the show was just over 400 (I am very happy with that). The dealers seem to do okay, a few didn't do as good as last year, but, the economy isn't doing that good, so everyone seemed to understand (there were bodies in the room, they just didn't have as much to spend).

Thanks to my lovely cashiers (Marlana (sorry Mar, I know I spelled that wrong) and Kali), for pushing our raffle, we raised 689.00 for charity. My goal was 500.00, but now I am going to have to go for 750.00 next year. I actually donate 90% of the prizes, but thats okay, I will start a big push a month early, and see what I can get (be ready my famous friends).

The show ended around 4:00 pm, and after we packed, we had a great dinner at "Famous Dave's B-B-Q" (too bad they no longer have the "Ribzilla", I was looking forward to that). But we had a great time, stayed and talked for a few hours (I haven't gotten to talk to Brent Anderson, socially, in years... it was cool!).

Thank you to my Staff and family for helping, the fans and friens of the show in Bakersfield, the staff of the doubletree, the loyal venders who support the show, and to God... for everything else.

It was a Good day!

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