Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bakersfield Comic-Con Nov. 14th... just around the corner.

It's weird, there is just 5 days to go, I should be frantic... but I'm not. I have done this SOOOOO many times, it really isn't as stress full as it seems it should be.

*Change                                Done
*Hand stamp                         Got it
*Promo stuff                          In the Van
*Raffle Items                         Set
*Everything else....                Done.

Help me if I'm forgetting anything.

I love doing this "convention" thing. I really do. I love meeting the people, the fans, the artists, the dealers. I love giving things away. I am going to bring a case (yes a factory sealed case) of a 1971 Charlton "Popeye" comic, and give it to the 1st 300 people who show up... you know why... because I can.

I just wish I could sit down and draw for kids more. I really enjoy that. I hated missing the 2nd day of APE, since that is all I get to do there.. draw for people, and I don't charge for anyone to get a drawing.

Speaking of drawing... The new "Heroes Initiative" 100 covers book is "The new Avengers" and I got one for me and Nate (Watson) to do, he penciled  a great double spread cover , and I think I did a great job inking it. The book comes out in a few months, look for it. I'll even sign it for free (lol).

Hey, it is 5:30 (ish), and it is time to start making my wife dinner.

Peace to all and don't miss "One Life to Live", Jon Wesley Shipp (the Flash), is back on for a few months (started yesterday), playing a really bad guy, Even beat up his own kid... mean mean mean. He plays a great Bad guy. Go John!


  1. just lettin' you know that i've added you to my blog roll on my blog steve! it was great to see ya at APE, even if only for a minute or two! Thanks for the book.

  2. Did the same, Thanks Charles. Sorry i didn't get to see you more at APE, family matters prevented me from being there on Sunday, and I couldn't find your table when I went walking around. Stay Happy