Friday, November 12, 2010

2 days to go!

Well, for those followers who read my last rant about the bank, they got off their ass and did the right thing. I got my money, paid the Hotel for the room, and now Bakersfield Comic Con will be.

Actually, my friend Dan Houck said (without me asking, he volunteered), he would front me the 3,000.00 if the bank stayed... well, stupid.

Anyway, maybe I will actually sleep tonight. Nah! I will start having the "no one shows up to the show" dreams.

Went to CAPS (Cartoon Art Professional Society) last night with Scott Shaw!, had fun, a god meeting, maybe something got done too.

Sergio Aragones had a few copies of his new book, fresh from the printer. I HIGHLY recommend this book to Everyone. It is from the mad magazine hard back artist series, it's only 30.00, but page by page, one of the funniest book you will own. I got a copy (had it signed to my wife... she loves him).

I also got 2 great fantasy art bookd by Bill Stout. Man I love his art. One has some great "Wizard of Oz" pieces.  Cool.

I am in a better mood today, all is happy in the world. I will let you know how Bakersfield Comic Con winds up. Peace to All.

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