Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Con season has begun... and I hope it gets better.

Well, they say the convention season starts in Feb. but that's not true. It just never ends (and with Wizard trying 18 shows in the next year, which most are going to fail), There really is no start or stop. I a on the West Coast, and here, there has been a small break since Comic-Con. Last week we had Long Beach, and this week (yesterday) was a small show in Oceanside.

Unfortunately, we aren't starting out very strong. Last years Long Beach show was a good 1st show, not great, but good. It was good enough to try it again. Table prices weren't too high, sales were okay, and I had fun. This year... was different. The tables prices were 200 more than last year, they over expanded. doubling the floor space and the artist ally areas. Guys... get running first. don't make the rookie mistake of expanding too quick, it has killed more shows than it has helped. Everything doubled... except the attendance (and money spent in the room). The people putting on the show are some of the better people who worked for wizard, so, don't make wizard mistakes. 1600 dollars in expenses, and 2000 in gross sales, I am not sure I can afford to go back.

Now Lloyd and his partner, the ones who put on the Oceanside show. More power to ya. You tried, and it seemed to succeed. Maybe you didn't make money, I am not sure, but the effort was there. Bob Layton and Whilce, among a few other Wildstorm artists. Good try, I will be back for a second show. 200 dollars in expenses, and 800 dollars in gross sales, I was pleased, and I will help all I can.

Now to start concentrating on my Bakersfield show this coming up weekend, wish us luck, and to anyone coming, lets have some fun.

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