Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If it Isn't one thing...

I am realizing why I haven't been able to get rid of this cough I have had for over 2 months... Stress!

Take today. I deposited a 3000.00 check in the bank yesterday, knowing it would take a day to clear. Well, they said it would be Friday. Well, I have a convention to run this weekend, and the money was for the show. i have to pay the room (2000.00) and then I need "change" for the show. Okay, I can deal with Friday, the doubletree said they can wait an extra day, I still have time to get the change, okay, I can deal with this.

Well today I get a call from the bank (a first), they said they would try to get the check cleared earlier, but, now they are saying it could take another 7 days... They actually told me, due to "inactivity" they are going to hold it till the 19th. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

I really got mad, but didn't yell. I kept my cool, explained that I have a show depending on this money, they told me "Friday" and I NEED it by Friday. There will be dealers traveling from all over California, Fans coming from all over... and I Can't "Not" get this money. Not getting this money is NOT an option.
If they told me it was going to take an extra week, I would have said thanks but no thanks and walked away, and paid a fee at Wells Fargo, and cashed it at the issuing bank... No big deal. But, now it's too late, I can't get the check back. I feel... Fucked.

How can they take the check, tell me one thing then... change their mind. There a fucking bank, call the issuing bank (they said they can't do that), verify funds... how hard can this be. This is from Heritage for gods sake. On the front of their web page they say they have made over 600 million this year alone. And the check was only for 3000.00.

Sometimes I really HATE the "system", what ever system it be.  The uncaring, emotionless, non human ... system. It doesn't work. It needs help. But, who can help it? Why does my life, our life, always seem to find the snag in life.

I think, if it weren't for my Julie, I would have already packed it in, shut it down and run away. Sometimes... I just get tired. I am tired.

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